• Fully welded steel construction with integral concrete reinforcement fixed at 40 mm above bottom of frame.
  • Standard recessed height reducing corner brackets to suit Type OS Open Spring and ECS Enclosed Spring mountings or cantilever design for larger mountings.
  • Frames can be manufactured for 25 mm and 50 mm deflection mountings and 3 to 4 mm deflection Studflex rubber pads.
  • Large range of standard sizes in three depths 150, 200 and 300 mm and frame lengths not greater than 12 x depth unless additional mountings are fitted.
  • Any size designed to order with larger units supplied in bolt together “on site” sectional form.
  • Finished with a single coat of anti corrosive primer on external surfaces only or special finishes to order.

Typical Applications

  • Compressors.

  • Generating Sets.

  • Engine/Dynamometer Test Rigs.

  • Refrigeration Plant.

  • Pumps (particularly Belt Driven types).