EPDM, Perbunan, Tied, Steel Reinforced

Engineered Products & Solutions rubber bellows type EPS58 with EPDM, or Perbunan rubber liner and corrosion resistant steel wire mesh reinforcement throughout. Fitted with flanges drilled to BS4504 PN16 in carbon steel with integral bellows stabilising collar.


  • Liner: EPDM, or Perbunan Rubber
  • Reinforcement: Corrosion resistant steel wire mesh
  • Cover: EPDM Rubber (Perbunan Rubber has weather resistant Chloropen (CR))
  • Flanges: Carbon Steel type ST37.2, Zinc Plated
  • Tie Bars: ISO 898 Gr.8.8 Carbon Steel Zinc Plated


  • Colour Code: EPDM -Orange/Blue Band, Perbunan – Red/Blue Band
  • Markings: Stenflex ‘A’, Size, Date of Manufacture, Pressure rating

Type approvals

Stenflex type AS has been approved by the German TUV to DIN4809, PRUFNR 910 10 30. Flame resistant test in engine and plant rooms, German Lloyd. GL-NR 33576HH.DNV Lloyds Register.

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