Engineered Products & Solutions LTD products are used extensively throughout a vast array of industries. The high quality of product EP&S supply, namely our expansive STENFLEX range, allows us to excel in sectors such as Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning, Shipping & Offshore, Industrial and Power Generation.

Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning (HVAC)


Covering all areas within the HVAC market sector, such as residential towers, commercial buildings educational facilities & healthcare our high-performance expansion devices help to control thermal expansion within any given building. Additionally, our DN4809 certified steel wire reinforced flexible couplings are ideal for critical applications within the Data Centre sector where long life expectancy of product on rotating machinery is essential.

Shipping & Offshore


Due to the nature of the shipping & offshore industry, in particularly the strict regulations and standards that the governing bodies demand, there is emphasis on quality and conformity. Our product range is used extensively throughout these sectors due to their durability & conformance to the recognised standards required such as Lloyd Register & Bureau Veritas.

Power Generation


EP&S products are commonly used throughout the power generation industry, mainly down to their quality assurance and the numerous international product approvals that STENFLEX possess. As a result of this, many of our expansion joints & flexible couplings are installed in arduous applications such as the fossil fuel and nuclear power generation industry, where quality & reliability of product is of critical concern. Our range of flexible couplings suitable for Wall-sealing & power station cooling water systems can be manufactured up to size DN3400.



Suitable for a wide variety of industrial applications, EP&S products are used widely throughout the sector. The high level of assurance that our products offer makes them an ideal choice in applications such as the pharmaceutical industry and the food and drink industry. Our STENFLEX range is suited particularly well to industries such as machine processing and equipment manufacturing due to the exceedingly high operational reliability.

We have all the necessary products & technical knowledge to evaluate high end requirements for Steam & Condensate plants, together with all other applications required such as production lines & storage facilities’.