Modular Steelwork

Framo is a non-welded steelwork support system for the modular construction of frames and structures. Framo allows multidirectional connection possibilities without the need for through-bolts and back-plates. The box section profiles have a high torsional resistance and a fine adjustment capability for connecting members.

Non-welded modular steelwork

Quick to modify

Reusable parts

Compatible with EP&S systems

Framo can be used for a multitude of solutions:

  • Pump skid frames
  • Plantroom pipework support frames
  • H/Goal post frames
  • AHU support frames
  • M&E riser modules
  • Suspended platforms
  • Rooftop walkways
  • Pipe bridges
  • Bespoke pipework anchoring arrangements

Single fastener for all profile

sizes and connectors

Framo is assembled via thread forming screws. The non-cutting cold formed threads of the screw form
their own threads to pilot holes of the perforated Framo profiles. The low thread forming torque and
resulting high clamping force, offers a superior process-reliable shakeproof fastening. The
thread forming screws are removable and can be used again.

One system; faster, better, safer

  • Non-welded modular steelwork
  • Higher performance / lower weight of steel
  • Maximum flexibility, minimum installation time
  • Frame and module assembly modifications can be made quickly on site with no
    loss of time, cut-outs or re-works
  • Parts reusable after disassembly
  • One thread forming screw for all component connections
  • Compatible with other EP&S installation systems
  • High HCP corrosion resistance as standard
  • Special coatings for highest corrosion resistance requirements

Certified tests

A first in the form of a comprehensive modular support system of pipe shoes and support
steelwork, with tested and documented regulatory compliance, based on European standards. Load
test data for pipe shoes is a rare and unique benefit in the Process and Energy Industries.