EPS68-E, B, P

EPDM, Butyl, Perbunan, Tied, Nylon Reinforced

Engineered Products & Solutions rubber bellows type EPS68 with EPDM, Butyl or Perbunan rubber liner and high tensile synthetic fibre reinforcement and steel wire reinforced raised faces fitted with flanges drilled to BS4504 PN16 in carbon steel with integral bellows stabilising collar.



  • Liner: EPDM, Butyl or Perbunan Rubber
  • Reinforcement: Synthetic Fibre
  • Cover: EPDM Rubber (Perbunan Rubber has weather resistant Chloropen (CR))
  • Flanges: Carbon Steel type ST37.2, Zinc Plated


  • Colour Code: EPDM -Orange Band, Butyl – White Band, Perbunan – Red
  • BandMarkings: Stenflex ‘A’, Size, Date of Manufacture, Pressure rating