Perbunan, Untied, Nylon Reinforced

Engineered Products & Solutions rubber bellows type EPSGR-SAE. Universal compensator consisting of a rubber bellows and rotating flanges. With Perbunan rubber liner and high tensile synthetic fibre reinforcement and wire reinforced self sealing rubber rim with flanges drilled to EN 1092 in aluminium.


  • Liner: Perbunan
  • Reinforcement: Synthetic Fibre
  • Cover: Perbinan
  • Flanges: Rotating flanges with stableizing collar, special turned groove for rubber rim


  • Colour Code: Perbunan – Red/Yellow


For reducing thermal and mechanical tension in pipes and their system components.For compensating axial, lateral, and angular movementFor muffling vibration and oscilliation at aggregates.For dampening noise transmission at:

  • Pumps
  • Machines
  • Fittings
  • In hydraulic plants
  • In lube oils lines
  • Mechanical engineering